RubyWorld Conference 2021 Prospectus

As the spread of the pandemic (COVID-19) has been ongoing since last year, we have decided to hold the 13th RubyWorld Conference in 2021 online as we did so for the conference in 2020. With no previous experience, we held the conference online by trial and error last year, but we expect that we will be able to organize the event in a somewhat better way this year by making use of the experience we gained last year.

The worst enemy of technology is stagnation. Because changes involve cost and pain, it is natural for people to feel that they want to avoid them wherever possible. But being quick to seek stability will stop progress, dampen the community’s enthusiasm, decrease the number of users, and result in the end of technology.

The Ruby Community strives not to experience such stagnation by any means. It is determined to continue to change and evolve while placing importance on the compatibility and stability that allows the continued use of software. Some may remember many presentations related to the evolution of Ruby, which were given at the RubyKaigi the other day.

We believe this conference, held under the theme of getting a bird’s-eye view of the Ruby ecosystem, will offer presentations that address how the Ruby Community faces the future. Please view the activities of the Ruby Community in a way that strives to proactively create the future, instead of just waiting for it to come. Why don’t we create the future together?

Welcome to the new world. Join us in making it larger, together.

Yukihiro Matsumoto
Chairman of the Execution Committee of the RubyWorld Conference