Privacy Policy

The Executive Committee for RubyWorld Conference (hereinafter referred to as “the committee”) shall strictly abide by relevant legislation related to personal information protection, such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information when handling personal information you provided.

1. Purpose of use

The Committee retains personal information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and affiliations of individuals obtained when applying for or contacting the RubyWorld Conference, and uses the information for the following purposes.

  • Announcements for Conference
  • Identity verification
  • Resource for better service

2. Disclosure of personal information

If a member requests disclosure of his or her personal information, the Committee will respond to the request after confirming his or her identity. We will also promptly respond to requests for correction or deletion of personal information.

3. Manage the personal information

The Committee will provide necessary and appropriate supervision to protect personal information.
The Committee shall take necessary security control measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

4. Use and provision of personal information

We will acquire personal information to the extent necessary for the RubyWorld Conference and use and provide it within the scope of the purpose of acquisition.

5. Provision to a third party

The Committee appropriately manages personal information received from customers and does not disclose personal information to third parties except in the following cases:

  • When required by laws and regulations
  • In other cases where it is considered necessary for the public
  • With the customer’s consent (Cases where the Committee discloses information to contractors to provide services desired by customers)

6. Use of Google Analytics and other analytics tools

This website uses Google Analytics to track site usage. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect your information. The Google Analytics Terms of Use are here or here .

7. Revision of the Privacy Policy

The Committee may revise all or part of the Privacy Policy.
If there are any important changes, we will let you know on the site.

8. Contact

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thank you.

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