Information on Platinum Sponsors Short Presentation 2021-12-06

At RubyWorld Conference 2021, 11 companies of Platinum Sponsors will make a presentation. Please enjoy their presentations,too!

  1. My experiences from working as an engineer in two different IT companies
    Naoki Kanyama (Network Applied Communication Laboratory Ltd.)
  2. GLOBIS Ed-Tech Division: 100-person development organization
    Masaya Suenaga (GLOBIS CORPORATION)
  3. LegalForce Product Introduction
    LegalForce, Inc.
  4. Coincheck, Inc. introduction
    Naoki Iida (Coincheck, Inc.)
  5. Carbon dioxide concentration meter 「WaKaYo」
    Techno Project Japan Co.
  6. GMO Pepabo && Ruby
    Yusuke Takaoka (GMO Pepabo, inc.)
  7. Sky Co., LTD. The new features of SKYSEA Client View Ver.17-Ver.17.1
    Sky Co., LTD.
  8. Ruby Serverless Framework “SOULs”
    Fumitake Kawasaki (ELSOUL LABO B.V.)
  9. Issues in the Construction Industry and Tsukulink’s Initiatives
    Kyo Nakamura (Tsukulink Inc.)
  10. Building an End-to-end Test Environment Using RSpec Assets
    Yuki Handa (Sun* Inc.)
  11. Hi, We are MedPeer group
    Akinori Fukumura (MedPeer, Inc.)