Session-1: WaKaYo: An IoT Solution Using Ruby and mruby/c

Date and time

December 16th (Thu) 13:10 - 13:25 (JST)


Yuya Hayashi

Techno Project Japan Co.

After receiving a doctorate in physics from Hiroshima University, I joined Techno Project in 2017. Currently, I work in the New Business Promotion Office to create new businesses. I'm interested in IoT and machine learning. My favorite loss function is L2-softmax loss.

Nobuhito Takeuchi

Trust Software Co. CEO

After working in software development for a long time, I founded Trust Software Co. in 2019. A small software development company located in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture. I'm working to get you to say "I want to work together again".


WaKaYo: An IoT Solution Using Ruby and mruby/c

With the spread of COVID-19, the air environment has come to attract attention. WaKaYo is a system developed using Ruby and mruby/c to visualize the air environment such as CO2 concentration. In this presentation, we will introduce the development and system configuration of WaKaYo.