Session-4: Ruby developer training at the last frontier "Africa"

Date and time

December 16th (Thu) 14:30 - 14:45 (JST)


Hiroyoshi Noro

DIVE INTO CODE Corp. Representative Director

After working in a corporate sales position in Recruit, at the age of 29, he broke through the problem-solving ability discovery program of Works Applications from his inexperienced development of non-engineers. After that, in 2015, he founded "DIVE INTO CODE", which made his keenly aware of the shortage of IT engineer human resources in the process of independence and entrepreneurship, and seized opportunities for those who challenged to become professional engineers. Aim to deliver IT education and employment opportunities to all countries in the world. Started IT engineer education in the Republic of Rwanda in August 2017. Produces graduates who are active as IT engineers. In 2020, won the 16th "Glovis Alumni Award" creative category.


Ruby developer training at the last frontier "Africa"

The programming school “DIVE INTO CODE” started its business in 2017 in the Republic of Rwanda in Africa. In 2021, we started training Ruby engineers in the Republic of Benin as a JICA project and in Burkina Faso as an AOTS endowed course. In addition, more than 90% of employees living in Africa provide online support for Japanese students. I will talk about an example of running a training business beyond the language barrier.